Learning just got a whole lot smarter. Why read, when you can listen?

EduHang is built to help you study smarter and better by taking pictures of your notes, scanning it and automatically converting it to mp3.

Secured Design

EduHang provides a secure means to learn on a hitch-free platform with encryptions designed to make things run smoothly.

Awesome Design

With an incomparable design built with taste and superior style, it's not just great to look at it has an awesome appeal to each and every user.

Easy Customized

EduHang is a platform that's easy to customize to your own specific needs with fabulous items on offer that assist you to learn.

How It Works

EduHang offers a bright, well-worked, intuitive and intelligent interface that let's you learn at ease and a pace comfortable for you. There no complexities huge enough to deter your learning experience. All you have to do is take photos or screenshots of your notes and let EduHang go to worn for you. Your notes are transformed sor converted into mp3 audio format to aid ease of learning.

Login First

To gain access to the EduHang platform, you need to be registered after which you can log in to your account to access different options.

Face Testing

EduHang makes use of a facial recognition software to help you get the best out of the platform with options unique to each user.

Data Analysis

EduHang provides adequate data analysis that helps you inspect and discover useful data to help you research better and draw accurate conclusions.

Apps Features

With sophisticated features that are totally easy to use, EduHang offers you a platform with carefully selected devices to enhance your study experience.

Fully Responsive

Features and options on EduHang possess flexible layouts and images that are fully responsive and consistent with devices used by any user.

Awesome Design

It's not every day you come across an app built with the latest in cutting-edge design. Thats what the EduHang app provides in spades. .

Supper Fast

Want to get that assignment done in record time? With break-neck response to every click, EduHang delivers the answers and results you expect in record time. .

Granted Security

Nothing gets past our user interface without a thorough check and appropriate permission. EduHang guarantees protection of your personal information and privacy. .

Full Free Chatting

You can chat with friends and colleagues 24/7 with out any subscription fees! It's a free pass to communicate at your leisure without worrying about fees. .

100% Free Update

With older versions updated or new versions created, you simply upgrade/update your current app at no cost at all. It's totally 100 percent free .

Apps Screenshot

A screenshot of our app to show you just how awesome it looks and how easy it is to capture and transform your notes.

User Feedback

Don't hesitate to let us know how much this app means to you and how much it has helped your learning improve. We'd like to know how easy you found EduHang to be.

Share your feedback with us

Eduhang Team

Kindly share your feedback with us.

Eduhang Team

Share your feedback with us

Eduhang Team

Download Our Apps

The EduHang app is available for you to download at the Apple store and also available on Android.

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You can contact us at Omorinre Johnson , Lekki 1, Lagos or send us an email at Call +2347017407995 for more information.